Q: I can't find any information on you, where should i look?

A: Well You could stalk me if you want, then again I might see you and start stalking you in return.

Q: What kind of materials do you use?

A: Mostly Acrylics, pen and inks, some watercolours and markers.

Q: Did you go to art school?

A: Yep sure did and got my BFA at Western Illinois University, and had a hell of a great time doing it too.

Q: Who influences you?

A: Short answer: Everyone and everything.

Long answer: I am getting influenced by new people every day,but the constant influences from the past 15 years are modern artists / illustrators that include Derek Hess ,Greg Simkins,  Alex Pardee, Tara McPherson, Gris Grimly, Jhonen Vasquez, Roman Dirge, Dave Choe, Nate Van Dyke, Sam Flores, Ron English, And a Hell of a lot more but I’m actually tired of typing.

Q: Will you be mad if I get one of your images that you have already done tattooed on me? Do I need your

A: You mean like this?


You do not need my permission and I will not be mad. In fact, I will be honored, even if your tattoo
artist maims you in the process. If you do get anything tattooed, please send me photos I would love to see

Q: Can I copy one of your images and claim its mine?

A: I’d rather you not but if you do then I get to flay you, pour sugar over your body, and watch ants devour
you alive.

Q: Can you design my album art for my band?

A: For any serious inquiries, please email Jeffsart@killerbunny.co.uk . If i can’t do it, it is most likely due to my
lack of time. Or the fact that I just got a new video game and I’m more interested in that at the moment.

Q: Are your originals available to buy?

Yes they are, just contact me via my email or directly and I can let you know what is available.

Q: Where did you grow up?

In a scary little town where all the people have wierd pig snouts, like something from the Twilight Zone.